Asset Management

Laguna Bay manages the evaluation, acquisition, development and management of agricultural assets on behalf of institutional investors. We currently act as owner, advisor, trustee or custodian, offering flexible acquisition alternatives for vendors and dynamic value adding alternatives for assets.

Connecting Farming & Finance

Laguna Bay provides a dynamic conduit between agricultural asset management (farming) and investment markets (finance). We partner with investors who understand the importance of agricultural real assets and in a world of increasing population.

Professional Team

Our key personnel offer a diverse and experienced background in agribusiness, finance and property, providing an in-depth understanding of the traditional family-based ownership structure of agricultural enterprises and the investment objectives of institutional fund managers.

Agriculture Investment Updates

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“Agriculture will be one of the most exciting and profitable sectors over the next decade or two after 3 decades of dismal returns.”

Jim Rogers, International Investor, Author and Market Analyst

“The difference that the partners in Laguna Bay bring to agricultural funds management is their combination of financial products knowledge and a passion for and a track record in agriculture and horticulture as well as a strong work rate and, most of all, persistence.”

David Robinson, Chairman of Australian Food & Fibre Limited (AFF)

“To be successful in farming you must hire the un-hirable in a structure that both aligns incentives and is non-gamable by both parties.
Laguna Bay’s model and people achieve this.”

Jonathan West, Associate Professor at Harvard University

“Agriculture is a specialised asset class requiring experience, creativity, and deep rural relationships. There are only a handful of asset managers globally that are geared to the institutional market. Laguna Bay collects, processes and peer tests operators and data to produce credible output projections. This, coupled with their discipline in asset pricing, provided us with added confidence in the space. Laguna Bay was an important part of the establishment of Cowal Agriculture Holdings, our investment vehicle for Australian farmland.”

Hugh Wrigley, Founding Partner of Global Endowment Management